Dave Pawl has been educating art students for over 20 years at Watertown High School in Central Wisconsin. He has been a leader in his field through his writing of curriculum, teaching and writing AP Art & Design (formerly AP Studio Art) and AP Art History. He teaches his students with wisdom and humor. He wrote Wisconsin’s first Department of Instruction’s Crosswalk for AP Art History (credited in art and social studies). He leads through example. His openness and welcoming smile are always followed by relatable humor and humility.

Mr. Pawl  was awarded a Kohl Fellowship in 2007, was named 2017 WAEA Outstanding Art Educator at the Secondary Level for Wisconsin, and is receiving the 2022 WAEA President’s Award.

Dave stands out from his peers because he is always level headed and thoughtful. He strives to continue his education and stay current on issues facing art educators as well as staying current with his students.  Dave works hard to connect the community and the students. He is President of the Watertown Arts Council and is department leader.

He has excelled in promoting positive student relations, teaching and increasing student achievement, community involvement, and/or inspired others through many of the following things he’s facilitated in his distinguished career.

Students commented on the following when asked about Mr. Pawl…

He works every day to help us in all aspects of art and really has made an impact on me both as an artist and student. He always give 110% into his teaching

He pushes us to work to our full potential and never gives up on us

Mr. Pawl is always encouraging and helpful. He always has something constructive to lay in order to help me improve my art. He has the greatest sense of humor that makes coming to his class the best part of my day. He is always inviting and kind and he has genuine interest in all of his students. Not only has he helped me in the classroom, but he has helped me with issues in my personal life. I know I can trust him and confide in him if I need to.