Darrel Aderman Auditorium

Darrell Aderman Auditorium

  • Seats 300 people

    in chairs on the floor

  • Fully raked bleacher seating

    for 400 people

  • 30’ x 14’ raised stage area


  • 76’ x 96’ auditorium


  • General auditorium lighting

    and limited stage lighting

  • Portable sound system

    with hard wired mics

  • Risers, chairs, and tables available


  • lobby

    The lobby provides for a more intimate location to meet and register guests.

The Darrell Aderman Auditorium, built in the 1960’s has been home to thousands of concerts, recitals, plays, dances, art shows, conferences, and meetings over the past 60 years.

Final summer camp and workshop performances, the annual Tribute to the Big Bands concert, regional Middle School Honors Band and Choir performances have all been enjoyed in the Auditorium.

Because of its location and size, the auditorium is the perfect place for community meetings and events. For example, community health fairs, adult education, local township monthly meetings, and business or group meetings.