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Located in beautiful northwestern Wisconsin, only a short hour and fifteen minutes northwest of Eau Claire or two hours northeast of Minneapolis, the Shell Lake Arts Center in Shell Lake provides a premium arts camp and workshop learning experience for all students. Our programs and staff are well-respected nationally with some of the longest-running programs of their kind in the United States. With over 50 years of experience, the Arts Center provides a positive, safe and secure learning environment for students to further develop and explore their talents.

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We have fostered 54 years of creativity, and proven our value to the Wisconsin Northwoods. We're ready to take it to the next level..

As our capital campaign kicks back into gear, we reflect fondly on how we got here. Please enjoy Legacy: the Past, Present, and future of the Shell Lake Arts Center.

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Everyone who's gone to Shell Lake knows what it means when they say there's something special there. The friendships are formed in days and last a lifetime. The lessons in creativity, hard work, and performance are so valuable. Such an amazing space and experience.

Arista D.

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When I say that a shy child who never wants to leave home is begging to go back when you pick her up.. It's well worth it.

Aaron K

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My son is looking forward to jamming out with his friends, and spending another week with them.

Juliana M

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I was so surprised how a one-week camp really made a difference in his musical growth. He came back a completely different musician.

Serafina S

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